Welcome to Caspian Freight Services

Shipping to that special event may be a daunting task, whether you want to send a pack of giveaway brochures, a marble sculpture, 50 javelins or a guitar and amp.  Caspian Freight Services in Azerbaijan are here to take your worries away.  With our wealth of experience in event shipping, we will ensure that your shipment progresses safely and smoothly to its destination, whether that is Azerbaijan or another international location.

Our professional staff, trained to international standards, will explain all the procedures in detail from transportation to customs clearance formalities to on-site handling.  They will find the most cost efficient way to transport your shipment and provide help and support at any and all stages of the process.

We are the only company in Azerbaijan who specialises solely in event shipping, including trade shows, exhibitions, live events, sporting events and art events.  Many of the shipments we handle are high value, fragile and time sensitive so we understand the importance of your consignment being handled correctly and reaching its destination promptly.  It is this knowledge that gives us the edge over general freight forwarders.

At the Baku Expo Center, close to Baku International Airport, our custom built modern storage facility offers a clean and safe environment for ALL your storage needs.